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reprintDate: 2009
Price: $19.95
Comprised mostly of men from the Toledo and Marietta, Ohio, area and mustered in at Camp Dennison, this unit fought battles at Kernstown, Port Republic, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. They were mustered out in Cleveland, Ohio.
Price: $22.50
A collection of more than thirty essays that cover the German heritage from the arrival of the first Germans in America in the seventeenth century to the present and of places ranging from the Greater Cincinnati area and Hermann, Missouri, to New Ulm, Minnesota, among others. It also covers persons from H. L. Mencken and John A. Roebling to John Kay of the band Steppenwolf.
Price: $28.00
Old St. Joseph Cemetery was established in 1843 as a burial ground for Roman Catholics in Cincinnati, Ohio. Record books are still in existence begin in the year 1845. This index contains names of more than 13,000 Old St. Joseph Cemetery burials that took place before 1880. Maps of cemetery sections are also included.
Price: $39.95
This publication contains biographical information about 524 of the men who served our country in such a way that the U.S. military memorialized their names on the gates of their installations, both here in the United States and abroad. All branches of the service are included.
Price: $15.95
A compelling story about the tumultuous times one Estonian family experienced during and after World War II. This story follows their escape from Communism and the encroaching Russian Red Army in Estonia, their life in a refugee camp in Germany, their arrival in the United States, and their experiences within the following few years thereafter. Ms. Martin also chronicles their visits back to Estonia, both before and after Estonian independence.
Price: $16.95
This publication describes the heroic lives of the women who were caught up in the American Civil War and the obstacles they had to overcome with intelligence, style, and dignity as they became an important part of this conflict.
Price: $12.95
This fun-to-read book contains humorous remembrances from the daughter of a country doctor about real events that occurred in the office and at home throughout his years of practice.