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Price: $40.00
This beautiful coffee table book tells a story of the Cincinnati area’s history and values through the public artwork it displays. The sculpture of the late 1800s celebrates Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s strong German heritage, memorials commemorate the people who contributed to the growth of the Greater Cincinnati area, and contemporary themes delight and amuse us—a potpourri of artwork from national and internationally known artists.

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Price: $39.95
This publication contains biographical information about 524 of the men who served our country in such a way that the U.S. military memorialized their names on the gates of their installations, both here in the United States and abroad. All branches of the service are included.
Price: $28.00

Humans are intrigued by a legion of seemingly unanswerable questions: What is the nature and extent of the universe? Is there a fourth dimension? Is time travel possible? But most do not recognize that reality operates as a discernible structure under a fixed set of rules. Increasingly, human progress depends on recognizing this structure.

No perception of reality will ever be perfect or complete. But this new view results in a new way of thinking, one that is coherent and useful at every level of human endeavor. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

  • What if you could reach a profoundly more comprehensive, coherent, and reliable view of reality?
  • What if this new perspective improved your mental clarity and expanded your problem-solving ability?
  • What if these new powers enabled you to act with more objectivity and confidence?
  • And what if the doorway to all of these benefits is hidden within your own vocabulary, ready to be discovered and applied?

This book opens that door.