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Winter Snows Lead to Momentous Floods

Cincinnati Under Water: The 1937 Flood compares floods from the Cincinnati and surrounding cities and states from as far back as 1815 that couldn't compare to the flood caused by melting snows during the winter of 1937. Check the index to see all the towns and states the author identifies that were affected by this unprecedented flood.
Price: $22.50
A newspaper reporter once wrote that Clermont County's involvement in the Underground Railroad was like a "hole in the map," meaning that the story of this county's involvement was largely untold. Gary Knepp has plugged that hole with this book. It will make the reader want to follow the Clermont County Freedom Trail. Gary Knepp was the director of the Clermont County Underground Railroad Research Project and, in 2005, appeared as a guest historian on the PBS television program, History Detectives.

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Safe houses, trustworthy individuals, pathways, abandoned shelters, and unattended skiffs--these were crucial pieces of information that were spread, through word or song, from plantation to plantation, by way of the "grapevine." Throughout the Borderlands, this communication would help the slave to find freedom, by way of the Underground Railroad. The conductors and abolitionists on both sides of the Ohio River--consisting of slaves, free men of color, white and black residents, religious men, and other sympathetic citizens--were likely to suffer bodily inflictions, imprisionment, and monetary loss for aiding these fugitives in their flight from slavery and quest for freedom. Caroline Miller skillfully relates their stories through interviews, newspaper accounts, court cases, government records, and other published and unpublished accounts, so that these times, and these people are not forgotten.

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Beginning with the early development of the territory in Northern Kentucky, the story of Lincoln-Grant School in Covington, Kentucky, takes the reader on a journey from the pre-Civil War era through a seemingly timeless period of racial separation, to the end of legally segregated public schools in the United States of America. As it sorts through the rationales, the legalities, and the events surrounding one of many racially segregated schools in the United States, the dialogue unfolds the larger story of human relationships between two primary racial groups in America--black and white.

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