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Humans are intrigued by a legion of seemingly unanswerable questions: What is the nature and extent of the universe? Is there a fourth dimension? Is time travel possible? But most do not recognize that reality operates as a discernible structure under a fixed set of rules. Increasingly, human progress depends on recognizing this structure.

No perception of reality will ever be perfect or complete. But this new view results in a new way of thinking, one that is coherent and useful at every level of human endeavor. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

  • What if you could reach a profoundly more comprehensive, coherent, and reliable view of reality?
  • What if this new perspective improved your mental clarity and expanded your problem-solving ability?
  • What if these new powers enabled you to act with more objectivity and confidence?
  • And what if the doorway to all of these benefits is hidden within your own vocabulary, ready to be discovered and applied?

This book opens that door.

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This is the story of a human disaster. Ever since mankind received its eviction notice from the Garden of Eden, nature has sometimes turned against us. The real story of such events is not the mechanics of the disaster, but rather how mankind copes with overwhelming destructive forces that are utterly beyond humanity's control. It is during times of testing like these that the facade is torn away and a society reveals its true values. This will determine whether or not it has the strength to withstand the trial-or is rotted on the inside and ready to collapse. We can see throughout history how man copes with such disasters, leaving behind a permanent record of who they were and what they really valued." (Excerpt from Cincinnati Under Water: The 1937 Flood.)

Whether it is from floods, epidemics, volcanoes, or hurricanes, this book describes how the Midwest, in towns along the Ohio River through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois suffered and coped with unprecedented destruction from flooding and fires. At the same time they fought off typhoid with immunizations and coped with refugees from the flooded areas. And it is about those who came out and helped in any way they could.