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This publication consists of a chapter extracted from Henry Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio in Two Volumes, The Ohio Centennial Edition, 1896. The table of contents and index have been carefully created and are specific to this chapter and will aid the researcher to quickly find entries of interest.
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Finding information about women during this time period is difficult, if not impossible, for many researchers. The authors found much-overlooked records that had been stored in various locations and present them in this publication as originally written and in chronological order. It is possible to learn from these records the specific location of the family’s residence, the standard of living for the family, information about other family members, and, in the event of a remarriage, the name of a woman’s new husband. The Commentary and Explanatory Notes found at the end of each chapter, using the previous pages’s extracts for examples, allow the reader to more readily understand the terms, legalities, and customs of the time.
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Gary Knepp, local attorney and historian, has uncovered some amazing and interesting cases and facts surrounding Clermont County's contribution to the antislavery movement and military service. This book uncovers its legal past from its first civil rights attorney, John Jolliffe; its contribution to Ohio's constitution; the first chief justice to the Ohio Supreme Court, Hugh L. Nichols; the first female, Anna Quimby, admitted to the United States Supreme Court. It also covers one of the wealthiest men in the world, New Richmond's John Haussermann, "The Gold King of the Philippines." Other stories include, among others, Ohio's first environmental criminal case. A fascinating read.
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The Shamharts researched the location of the post offices, township by township, and published their original findings through a series in the Scioto Voice newspaper ten years before this book was published. They have since updated their research with maps, photos, engravings, and an updated list of postmasters. More than 400 postmasters are listed, along with the years served. This is a valuable resource for this county if you are searching for communities that no longer exist, an ancestor, or are interested in Scioto County’s postal history.
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This is a much-needed Ohio reference book and an important social history that covers more than 50 years of children in need and families in despair. In 1866 the Ohio General Assembly authorized the construction of children’s homes in each county and in 1874, Lawrence County opened its children’s home in Ironton. Mrs. Kounse transcribed the hard-to-read microfilm records from this home and added, through her extensive notes, additional information gleaned from newspapers, penitentiary records, boys and girls’ industrial records, blind school records, and personal interviews, among other things. These children were often sent to homes in other cities or counties and all other parties involved, in addition to the children and their parents, have been indexed.“The registers and the numerous footnotes put these children into context and their stories come alive. What a great model for other institutional records and certainly a valuable resource for Lawrence County researches.” –Paul Milner, FORUM Editor
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Abstracts of deaths, marriages, and other important events as found in The Portsmouth [Ohio] Times as well as early reminiscences that describe people, places, and events during the formative years of Alexandria and Portsmouth, Ohio. Other articles and chapters include steamship disasters, the formation of baseball teams, churches, and organizations, as well as customs, the fire department, and other local items of interest. Some of these stories are not found in any other history of this county.
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This book is an index of names of those who died or were married, which appeared in notices, obituaries, and articles found in newspapers under twenty different names that were printed in Scioto County, Ohio. The index entry may also list a maiden name, age, date of marriage or death, and other comments as well as the date and newspaper where the notice was found. Appendix A lists newspaper repositories in Ohio where the newspapers, original or microfilm, were found, including call numbers or location. Appendix B lists many community name changes along with current name and/or location.
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The Correspondent was a German-language newspaper printed in Scioto County, Ohio, with a circulation that included southeastern Ohio, northeastern Kentucky, and West Virginia. These abstracts include names and locations of relatives mentioned in the obituary and often the birthplace of the deceased. Nearly every state is mentioned and numerous counties and communities within Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.