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Author/Editor: Lois J. Lambert
Price: $45.00
The Thirty-third fought disease, capture, and heavy casualties in many notable Civil War battles before heroically volunteering to reenlist to answer the call of President Lincoln. They fought in battles of Chaplin Hills, Stones River, Hoovers Gap, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Atlanta, Savannah, Averasbora, Bentonville, and Raleigh. The story is told through the letters to wives, sisters, and other family members in an engaging style that will personalize the experiences of the war.Winner of the 2008 (?) OGS Oliver Hazard Perry Award for an Ohio-related military historical record.
Price: $29.50
Through the letters of Adams County, Ohio, native Lt. Col. Benjamin Franklin Coates, the author brings to life and chronicles the day-to-day events of the movement of this Southern Ohio regiment. Seventy-four percent of the men in this company were born in Ohio. Others listed their places of birth as Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana as well as Germany, England, Ireland, and France.Winner of the 2007 OGS Oliver Hazard Perry Award for an Ohio-related military historical record.
Price: $18.50
Treasured Memories is a narrative account based upon a collection of letters written by members of an extended family and brings to life the joys, the challenges, and the sorrows of everyday life during the crisis of war. These letters, written by Sgt. McLain Montgomery and others of the 33rd and 39th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and by his brothers Del and Newton, from the 64th and 31st Illinois Infantry, were cherished and treasured by Sergeant Montgomery's Civil War widow, Mary Ann Montgomery, in her determination to keep the memory of her husband alive.