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reprintDate: 2001
Price: $42.50
A genealogical account of westward migration as recorded in court, census, and military records, newspaper articles, and personal remembrances, traces the descendants of an Iams/Imes family that migrated from the East Coast into Lawrence County, Ohio, about 1810. One of the four members of the family remained in the Lawrence County area. Others moved to Indiana, Illinois, and Kansas. In addition to discussing the history and migration to Lawrence and Scioto Counties, Ohio, the book follows the ancestry of Mary Ann “Polly” Iams/Imes who married Thompson Ward, Peter, Solomon, Thomas, and Michael Iams/Imes. The inclusive name index covers 73 pages.
Price: $22.50
The Anna Louise Inn, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the few surviving facilities originally built for young inexperienced working women, that was built during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Established in 1909, the Inn has remained a safe haven by opeining its doors to a diverse population of women of all ages, from 18 years through retirement. It remains an operation of the Cincinnati Union Bethel, the oldest social service agency still in existence west of the Alleghenies. A beautiful book with satin-finished pages and ribbon marker makes a beautiful gift for yourself or others. In addition to the tested recipes, this book is for anyone interested in the social history of single women throughout the last century and the styles that they wore. Each decade of the Inn’s history is presented before each recipe category along with an overview of the styles worn during that decade. Stories from women who lived there and many photographs and illustrations are included.
Price: $20.00
The Shamharts researched the location of the post offices, township by township, and published their original findings through a series in the Scioto Voice newspaper ten years before this book was published. They have since updated their research with maps, photos, engravings, and an updated list of postmasters. More than 400 postmasters are listed, along with the years served. This is a valuable resource for this county if you are searching for communities that no longer exist, an ancestor, or are interested in Scioto County’s postal history.