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reprintDate: 2003
Price: $14.95
This Civil War publication includes letters from James Gildea written to the former General James Barnett in response to his request for company histories. James Gildea was born in Port New Parish, Ireland, in 1835 and lived in various Ohio cities after immigration before settling in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Price: $24.99
The Cincinnati Fire Department was the first fire department organized to combine the use of horses, steam engines, and a paid municipal department and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2003. This colorful book gives an overview of the organization of fifty-five fire stations, ladder companies, and other support units in Cincinnati. The publication also tells of the first fireboat on the canal in the Centennial Celebration of 1888 and the changing role of the salvage corps. A color map showing the streets and wards in 1853 is also included for ease in finding the location for the early stations.
Price: $32.50
The Walnut Hills United Jewish Cemetery is one of the five active locations comprising the United Jewish Cemeteries. Information contained for the individuals within this index includes, if available: date of birth; date of death; name of spouse/parents; place of birth; and location of grave in cemetery; in addition to other information when given.
Price: $29.50
An essential guide to help researchers navigate the complexities of the books found in the Hamilton County, Ohio, Recorder’s Office. This book explains what indexes exist, where they are available, formats that were used, years that were indexed, examples of indexes, and samples of documents. More than twenty different types of documents are explained.
Price: $25.00
List Price: $34.95
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A history and chronology of New Ulm during the nineteenth century, including a comprehensive name index that includes thousands of names, businesses, cities, and events along with a selective bibliography of sources on the history of New Ulm. The Cincinnati German Turner Society and the Chicago German Land Society encouraged its members to settle in New Ulm, therefore, there are many references to Cincinnati, Chicago, and their residents in this publication.
Price: $52.50
This publication indexes more than 25,000 baptisms that occurred in 32 churches in Cincinnati, Ohio, before 1860. Several German churches are listed among those indexed; however, no Catholic churches are included. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and include the date of baptism, the names of the parents, and the source of the record. This index was prepared from microfilm of baptismal records as found on LDS microfilm and at the main branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. In order to locate these records easily, microfilm numbers are provided.
Price: $75.00
This oversized atlas contains, among other things, general maps of the world, the United States, Ohio, and Clark County, as well as individual township maps for this county. It also includes plats of the city of Springfield and vicinity as well as those for the many towns and villages. There is an art folio of public buildings, businesses, and other views and portrait groups from the various townships and individuals.