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reprintDate: 2010
Price: $19.95
In this historical novel, the Ku Klux Klan thought the town of Donegal, Indiana, would be the perfect place to organize a new chapter. They intended to run out the blacks, Jews, Irish, Catholics, and immigrants so they could gain economic control of the area. What the Klan did not count on was the determination of an Irish Catholic baker who was determined to save his town. Historical facts are skillfully woven into this absorbing story of conflict that pits former good friends, neighbors, and customers against one another while struggling with a declining business environment, family issues, and religious tenets. When the author found proof that his family legend was true, he created the fictional town of Donegal to illustrate the conflict that America went through during the early part of the last century. His research uncovered evidence of Klan actions described in this story, though they may not have occurred specifically in Indiana.
Price: $55.00
This is the 20th volume in the Church Burial Records series. The index contains names of more than 28,500 burials which occurred before 1880. The records were abstracted from the old record books that began in 1849 and were written in German using the old German script. This, coupled with the fact that the books are very old, faded, and falling apart, makes using them for family history research very difficult.
Price: $46.00
This series of indexes to the death records recorded in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, were extracted from the original records stored at the Archives and Rare Books Department, in the Carl Blegen Library at the University of Cincinnati. These publications contain information on how to obtain copies of the original records, the ethnicity and religious affiliations of those interred in specific cemeteries, hints on locating the correct cemetery in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont Counties, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Also included are burial statistics relating to the nativity of the deceased. One of the most important books in this series, this volume covers the years that precede the last of the Hamilton County Courthouse fires in 1884.
Price: $16.95
The first part of this book contains the translated and edited chapters from Gustav Tafel’s writings on the Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War. Tafel (1830-1908) helped organize the Cincinnati’s 9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, known as the Turner Regiment, and later served as commander of the 106th OVI. After the Civil War he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and later served as mayor of Cincinnati.