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One of the least understood or studied campaigns of the war occurred when the Army of the Ohio moved into East Tennessee. Both armies starved. Arguably more than any other soldiers of the war, with the exception of P.O.W.s., the Second Army of the Ohio has also been ignored in the Atlanta Campaign . Of the four armies that fought, only one never had its story told. This book corrects that historic injustice. When Sherman marched to the sea against minimal opposition, the Army of the Ohio fought and nearly destroyed the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Franklin. They helped finish them off at Nashville. Moving east, they attacked up the Cape Fear River, closing the confederates last port—Wilmington. They joined up again with Sherman and were in on the surrender of Johnson in the Carolinas. They deserved more attention than they got.

Michael J. Klinger is also the author of The History of the 118th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, XXIIIrd Corps: Where the Grim Cannon Frown and the Bayonets Gleam.


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