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reprintDate: 2004
Price: $24.50
This publication includes more than 12,000 names alphabetically arranged by section from morgue records that include burials that took place, among other cemeteries, in Potter’s Field, a burial ground reserved for strangers and the friendless poor. The people who died and were buried here were likely to have died unexpectedly, were indigent, or without guardianship. Unless claimed by relatives, all bodies from the various public institutions were interred here. In 1981, the use of this cemetery was discontinued and burials were contracted with funeral directors for indigent burials in private cemeteries.
Price: $32.50
This book indexes more than 12,000 names found in the documents of the Hamilton County, Ohio, Recorder’s deed books F1, F2, O, and P.Because some documents were not recorded until years after they were written, these books contain entries dated as early as 1788. More than 4,500 of the names are from documents written in the periods from 1788-1803 and 1807-1813. This book is a valuable Hamilton County, Ohio, resource as it is the only name index that exists for these books. This index is especially helpful in finding early families as there were no city or county directories during these years. More than 5,500 entries tell where the person lived and more than 2,400 names pair husbands and wives.
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This is the second in the index series to baptism records for Hamilton County, Ohio, and contains more than 23,500 entries. The source for these records come from the Hamilton County, Ohio, church birth and baptism registers which were kept by the individual ministers for their particular churches.
Price: $135.00
This cemetery has grown from five acres in 1843 to more than seventy acres at present. African-Americans have been buried in this cemetery since the late 1950s. The information in this volume was extracted from the cemetery file cards and cross-checked with those in the lot books. No gravestone inscriptions were recorded. Fifty-seven maps are included for ease in locating the burial site. Information in this volume includes the following, when given: name; age at time of death; marital status; death; burial location; birth date and place; residence at time of death; name of spouse; parents; nearest relative and relationship with an address (if other than Hamilton County, Ohio); notes relating to veteran information through WWI, additional marital information, names of relatives, additional burial notes relating to burial movement, among other information.