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For those who have used this valuable resource, you know what a huge benefit it is to have local resources and contacts in one booklet. This special 40th anniversary edition contains updated and revised information found in the previous guides and includes, among other things, locations of churches, cemeteries, repositories and their collections, publications for further research, annexation information, and names of current and past communities and post offices.
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An index of all property owner names, street names, and alley names found in a set of two atlases of Cincinnati, Ohio, published in 1895 and 1897. Together they cover the city’s basin area from the Ohio River north to Liberty Street, and from Freeman Avenue east to the base of Mount Adams. This area includes more than 400 city blocks containing 11,352 pieces of property. This atlas tells you the property owner name (each time it appears on the maps), the atlas in which it appeared, the page(s) where that street or alley name appears, and the streets that bordered that street. Some of these streets may not appear on any other map you have found. This index offers a quick way to determine if your family rented or owned property.
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The church burial records found in this publication, extracted from 48 sources, provide help in filling the gap left by Hamilton County, Ohio’s many courthouse fires. For this volume, nearly 20,000 names are indexed and alphabetically arranged from 48 church records and religious publications. When given, parents’ names, burial dates, death dates, ages, and maiden names are listed. Maiden names are alphabetized in a separate section for cross-reference. This series is meant to be used as a supplement to the cemetery records found in the Hamilton County Burial Records series and the obituaries found in the Cincinnati newspapers.
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This publication includes more than 12,000 names alphabetically arranged by section from morgue records that include burials that took place, among other cemeteries, in Potter’s Field, a burial ground reserved for strangers and the friendless poor. The people who died and were buried here were likely to have died unexpectedly, were indigent, or without guardianship. Unless claimed by relatives, all bodies from the various public institutions were interred here. In 1981, the use of this cemetery was discontinued and burials were contracted with funeral directors for indigent burials in private cemeteries.
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The Walnut Hills United Jewish Cemetery is one of the five active locations comprising the United Jewish Cemeteries. Information contained for the individuals within this index includes, if available: date of birth; date of death; name of spouse/parents; place of birth; and location of grave in cemetery; in addition to other information when given.
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This cemetery has grown from five acres in 1843 to more than seventy acres at present. African-Americans have been buried in this cemetery since the late 1950s. The information in this volume was extracted from the cemetery file cards and cross-checked with those in the lot books. No gravestone inscriptions were recorded. Fifty-seven maps are included for ease in locating the burial site. Information in this volume includes the following, when given: name; age at time of death; marital status; death; burial location; birth date and place; residence at time of death; name of spouse; parents; nearest relative and relationship with an address (if other than Hamilton County, Ohio); notes relating to veteran information through WWI, additional marital information, names of relatives, additional burial notes relating to burial movement, among other information.
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This index includes Our Lady of Victory Catholic Churchyard gravestone readings, South Bend Baptist Churchyard records, Lee-Darby Family Cemetery records, Delphi Universalists Cemetery records, Shiloh Community Methodist Churchyard records, Schumann Family Cemetery, Shiloh Community Methodist Cemetery plat, St. John Protestant Churchyard gravestone readings, St. John Protestant Churchyard 1940 plot, Sisters of Charity Catholic Cemetery, and St. Joseph Cemetery of Mt. St. Joseph Convent, and Sisters of Charity 1940 Cemetery plat.
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This index contains more than 30,000 burials that took place in New St. Joseph Cemetery, also known as St. Joseph Irish Cemetery, between January 1850 and December 1894. The names were taken from microfilm copies of the original records. Also included are lists of LDS film numbers; original lot owners; and priests serving Irish parishes in or near Hamilton County, Ohio.
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Old St. Joseph Cemetery was established in 1843 as a burial ground for Roman Catholics in Cincinnati, Ohio. Record books are still in existence begin in the year 1845. This index contains names of more than 13,000 Old St. Joseph Cemetery burials that took place before 1880. Maps of cemetery sections are also included.
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This is the 20th volume in the Church Burial Records series. The index contains names of more than 28,500 burials which occurred before 1880. The records were abstracted from the old record books that began in 1849 and were written in German using the old German script. This, coupled with the fact that the books are very old, faded, and falling apart, makes using them for family history research very difficult.
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This is the latest edition of the Hamilton County cemetery series. It contains readings and extractions from cemeteries located in Symmes Township in the northeastern portion of Hamilton County. The main index includes names of persons buried in Union, Kerr, and Camp Dennison (Waldschmidt) Cemeteries. Included in the introduction are names of persons buried in private cemeteries in Symmes Township. These include Bell Cemetery, the Bridal Path Burial Site, the Evergreen Cemetery (Buckingham family burials), and Spooky Hollow Cemetery (Rude family).
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The names extracted from church burial records for this publication came from more than 25,000 death records from nearly 70 churches of various denominations.
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The names extracted from church burial records for this publication came from more than 25,000 death records from nearly 70 churches of various denominations.
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This volume includes names from 82 churches (Catholic included) and more than 29,000 entries.
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An essential guide to help researchers navigate the complexities of the books found in the Hamilton County, Ohio, Recorder’s Office. This book explains what indexes exist, where they are available, formats that were used, years that were indexed, examples of indexes, and samples of documents. More than twenty different types of documents are explained.
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This book indexes more than 12,000 names found in the documents of the Hamilton County, Ohio, Recorder’s deed books F1, F2, O, and P.Because some documents were not recorded until years after they were written, these books contain entries dated as early as 1788. More than 4,500 of the names are from documents written in the periods from 1788-1803 and 1807-1813. This book is a valuable Hamilton County, Ohio, resource as it is the only name index that exists for these books. This index is especially helpful in finding early families as there were no city or county directories during these years. More than 5,500 entries tell where the person lived and more than 2,400 names pair husbands and wives.
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This work is a combination of five separate German resources for Hamilton County researchers that have been previously not extensively used. The first section contains membership lists for the Cincinnati Turner Society, which includes member's date and place of birth. The second is a descriptive roster of members of the Civil War Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which consisted almost entirely of Hamilton County German immigrants, and lists their date and place of birth, as well as a physical description of each soldier. The last three resources are histories of Cincinnati and Hamilton County published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in German, and focus on the early pioneers in this area and their contribution to building the city. Most contain short biographies of the person along with their date and place of birth in Germany.
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Mr. Graver and Ms. Mullen have indexed each landowner or renter, road, church, school, and many other places mentioned on these maps and created a tome for finding exactly where a person lived or place existed.
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This chapter was extracted from Henry Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio in Two Volumes. The Ohio Centennial Edition, 1896. The table of contents, index, and bibliography have been carefully created and are specific to this chapter and will aid the researcher to quickly find entries of interest.
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This new index is sure to be of benefit to the researcher working on early Hamilton County ancestors, as well as those living in the surrounding counties. While the Cincinnati Enquirer formally started publication until its present title in 1841, its predecessor began in 1818 as the Cincinnati Advertiser, and contains valuable information for early settlers in the entire region. This index contains death notices, obituaries, marriage notices, and other miscellaneous notices. The last category includes divorce and abandonment notices, notices for lost horses and cows, notices for runaway apprentices, and even notices of bankruptcies.
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The Cincinnati Volksfreund was a German-language newspaper published in the 1800s and early 1900s. The index of death notices in this publication includes the name of deceased, date of notice, date of death, age of deceased and maiden names when provided. The maiden names are also provided in alphabetical order in the back of the book.
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This series of indexes to the death records recorded in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, were extracted from the original records stored at the Archives and Rare Books Department, in the Carl Blegen Library at the University of Cincinnati. These publications contain information on how to obtain copies of the original records, the ethnicity and religious affiliations of those interred in specific cemeteries, hints on locating the correct cemetery in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont Counties, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Also included are burial statistics relating to the nativity of the deceased. One of the most important books in this series, this volume covers the years that precede the last of the Hamilton County Courthouse fires in 1884.
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Another important book in this series because this volume covers the years that immediately precede the last of the Hamilton County Courthouse fires in 1884.
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There are 17,383 entries in this index. This index contains information on how to obtain copies of the original records, the ethnicity and religious affiliations of those interred in specific cemeteries, location of the correct cemetery in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont Counties, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Also included are burial statistics relating to the nativity of the deceased.
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This index is particularly helpful to researchers as it supplements the destroyed 1890 Federal Census.
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More than 40 types of records were found in the indexed early deed books–from agreements to wills. Three books were indexed and cross-referenced for every name found in each document. More than 7,600 entries are indexed. If given, the individual’s place of origin is listed. Although most of the records were recorded between 1801 and 1820, some documents actually go back as far as 1788.
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This book is particularly valuable to researchers as the years included are those leading up to the 1884 Courthouse fire. The records used for this index are meant to supplement the records used in the Restored Marriage Records series by Jeffrey G. Herbert, whose records came primarily from newspapers and churches. In addition, a list of justices of the peace is included as well as an extensive list of ministers, priests, rabbis, elders, mayors, or others who performed marriages in this county during this time period, along with their location and/or church affiliation. Information is included that will help the researcher obtain copies of the original documents.
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More than 37,000 names are recorded in more than 18,500 marriages indexed in this book. The index includes the names of the grooms, brides, date of marriage, officiant, and volume and entry number of the entry to make it easier to locate the original document. These volumes are the first to records the original records beginning after the last courthouse fire in Cincinnati in 1884.
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This publication is a continuation of the marriage index series outlined above and contains more than 32,000 names recorded for 16,145 marriages that took place during this time period.
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After the original Restored Hamilton County, Ohio, Marriages volumes were published, additional resources were made available. This supplemental volume is intended to give the researcher access to additional marriages that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, before 1884 and that were not included in the previous publications. The names in this index are arranged alphabetically by grooms and then by brides and contains information for more than 4,800 marriages that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, between 1850 and 1884.
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This publication indexes more than 25,000 baptisms that occurred in 32 churches in Cincinnati, Ohio, before 1860. Several German churches are listed among those indexed; however, no Catholic churches are included. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and include the date of baptism, the names of the parents, and the source of the record. This index was prepared from microfilm of baptismal records as found on LDS microfilm and at the main branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. In order to locate these records easily, microfilm numbers are provided.
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This is the second in the index series to baptism records for Hamilton County, Ohio, and contains more than 23,500 entries. The source for these records come from the Hamilton County, Ohio, church birth and baptism registers which were kept by the individual ministers for their particular churches.
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This is the third in this index series to baptism records and contains more than 23,300 baptisms that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, between 1870 and 1879. The mother’s maiden name is included if mentioned on the document.
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