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Humans are intrigued by a legion of seemingly unanswerable questions: What is the nature and extent of the universe? Is there a fourth dimension? Is time travel possible? But most do not recognize that reality operates as a discernible structure under a fixed set of rules. Increasingly, human progress depends on recognizing this structure.

No perception of reality will ever be perfect or complete. But this new view results in a new way of thinking, one that is coherent and useful at every level of human endeavor. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

  • What if you could reach a profoundly more comprehensive, coherent, and reliable view of reality?
  • What if this new perspective improved your mental clarity and expanded your problem-solving ability?
  • What if these new powers enabled you to act with more objectivity and confidence?
  • And what if the doorway to all of these benefits is hidden within your own vocabulary, ready to be discovered and applied?

This book opens that door.