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Clermont is French for "clear mountain" and this publication represents twenty-five years of the author's meandering along the byways of Clermont County's fascinating history. It is meant to be a collection of stories that interested the author and that he felt would interest the reader. From the prehistory of the county through the county's two hundred years of immigration, disasters, notoriety, wars, antislavery endeavors, agriculture and manufacturing, as well as a potpourri of miscellaneous stories, you will be unable to put this book down.
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My Living Memories Project Journal is an inspirational, interactive, and comforting workbook designed to help readers keep alive the memories and legacies of loved ones. A companion to the award-winning book, The Living Memories Project: Legacies That Last, it empowers and inspires readers to transcend grief with a simple message. By remembering the lives and legacies of loved ones, we can take concrete steps to heal ourselves. By remembering and celebrating how they lived--rather than how they died--we can enhance our resilience, compassion, and creativity, and renew our desire to live happy, productive, and meaningful lives.

The journal features soothing artwork, as well as inspiring and comforting quotes from the original book and other sources. Interactive questions and activities are designed to trigger reflections and writing activities that will keep the memories of loved ones alive. The book is an appropriate gift for those who are missing loved ones. It has also been recognized by professionals as a valuable tool to console and help the bereaved move forward after loss.

Meryl Ain, Ed.D., The Comfort Coach, inspires people to transcend their losses by keeping alive the memories, passions, values and legacies of those they have lost. She helps to promote healing by providing professionals, organizations, and individuals with the tools to foster optimistic thinking, positive projects, and resilience. A former teacher and school administrator, her articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, MariaShriver.com, The New York Jewish Week, The New York Times, and Newsday.

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Twitter: @livmemoriesproj @DrMerylAin

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A history and chronology of New Ulm during the nineteenth century, including a comprehensive name index that includes thousands of names, businesses, cities, and events along with a selective bibliography of sources on the history of New Ulm. The Cincinnati German Turner Society and the Chicago German Land Society encouraged its members to settle in New Ulm, therefore, there are many references to Cincinnati, Chicago, and their residents in this publication.
Price: $29.50
Through the letters of Adams County, Ohio, native Lt. Col. Benjamin Franklin Coates, the author brings to life and chronicles the day-to-day events of the movement of this Southern Ohio regiment. Seventy-four percent of the men in this company were born in Ohio. Others listed their places of birth as Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana as well as Germany, England, Ireland, and France.Winner of the 2007 OGS Oliver Hazard Perry Award for an Ohio-related military historical record.
Price: $25.00
It is reported that the men cleared the land for this church and the women and local bakers baked the bricks in their ovens. This beautiful history relates the beginning of Catholicism in Cincinnati and follows the changes and progression of this historic German parish in the Over-the-Rhine district as it continues to meet the needs of its neighbors and parishioners. Included is a biographical sketch of each pastor who has served the parish up to 2002, a biographical sketch of each of the priest-parish sons, names of the sisters and brothers who served the school, organizations and their members in 1942 and 2002, and much more information. There is also a chapter on the history of St. Paul’s Church.
Price: $15.95
A compelling story about the tumultuous times one Estonian family experienced during and after World War II. This story follows their escape from Communism and the encroaching Russian Red Army in Estonia, their life in a refugee camp in Germany, their arrival in the United States, and their experiences within the following few years thereafter. Ms. Martin also chronicles their visits back to Estonia, both before and after Estonian independence.
Price: $22.50
Nearly two million Americans—young, innocent, and patriotic—were sent to the blood-soaked battlefields of Europe to, as President Wilson declared, "Make the World Safe for Democracy." There, they encountered the horrors of modern war—poison gas, disease, death, and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Through it all, the doughboys upheld their American ideals, earned a reputation as fearsome, courageous fighters, and won the Great War. Over There is the story of how the men and women of one Ohio community, both at home and abroad, met the challenge of their generation.
Price: $22.50
The German-American architectural heritage is more clearly and strongly reflected in the Over-the-Rhine district than in any place in the city. Even its name connotes its origin. The Miami-Erie Canal, now covered by Central Parkway, was dubbed the "Rhine" in the nineteenth century, as when one crossed over it, one entered the German district. A walking tour through the district and its surroundings reveal a treasure trove of German architectural heritage. This publication supplements the tours that Don Henrich Tolzmann regularly leads through this area of Cincinnati.

Foreword by Gregory Hardman
Introduction by Michael Morgan

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Price: $16.95
This publication describes the heroic lives of the women who were caught up in the American Civil War and the obstacles they had to overcome with intelligence, style, and dignity as they became an important part of this conflict.
Price: $22.50
The Anna Louise Inn, in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the few surviving facilities originally built for young inexperienced working women, that was built during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Established in 1909, the Inn has remained a safe haven by opeining its doors to a diverse population of women of all ages, from 18 years through retirement. It remains an operation of the Cincinnati Union Bethel, the oldest social service agency still in existence west of the Alleghenies. A beautiful book with satin-finished pages and ribbon marker makes a beautiful gift for yourself or others. In addition to the tested recipes, this book is for anyone interested in the social history of single women throughout the last century and the styles that they wore. Each decade of the Inn’s history is presented before each recipe category along with an overview of the styles worn during that decade. Stories from women who lived there and many photographs and illustrations are included.
Price: $12.95

Patrick and Mary O'Brien came to America from the town of Ballinagar, Kings County, Ireland. It was a quiet town about fifty miles west of Dublin. They were not young when they decided to board the ship for America in 1852 as their eight children were adults by that time. Richard Hidy tells an interesting story about his ancestors and the events that could have brought them, and many of their fellow Irishmen, here to America. The Catholic O'Briens and their family settled in the Cincinnati and Springfield, Ohio, area and the author provides an interesting history as to the possible reasons the O'Briens and others chose these areas. A good portion of the book tells of their grandson Richard's experience becoming a police chief and a history of the turbulent times experienced by local riots and the Ku Klux Klan. The book details the infiltration of the klan members into all aspects of society and its effect on Richard O'Brien.

This is an interesting history told in following an Irish Catholic family and their acclimation to a new neighborhood, a new parish, in a new country.

Price: $30.00
After the original Restored Hamilton County, Ohio, Marriages volumes were published, additional resources were made available. This supplemental volume is intended to give the researcher access to additional marriages that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, before 1884 and that were not included in the previous publications. The names in this index are arranged alphabetically by grooms and then by brides and contains information for more than 4,800 marriages that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, between 1850 and 1884.
Price: $27.00
Abstracts of deaths, marriages, and other important events as found in The Portsmouth [Ohio] Times as well as early reminiscences that describe people, places, and events during the formative years of Alexandria and Portsmouth, Ohio. Other articles and chapters include steamship disasters, the formation of baseball teams, churches, and organizations, as well as customs, the fire department, and other local items of interest. Some of these stories are not found in any other history of this county.
Price: $30.00
This book is an index of names of those who died or were married, which appeared in notices, obituaries, and articles found in newspapers under twenty different names that were printed in Scioto County, Ohio. The index entry may also list a maiden name, age, date of marriage or death, and other comments as well as the date and newspaper where the notice was found. Appendix A lists newspaper repositories in Ohio where the newspapers, original or microfilm, were found, including call numbers or location. Appendix B lists many community name changes along with current name and/or location.
Price: $20.00
The Shamharts researched the location of the post offices, township by township, and published their original findings through a series in the Scioto Voice newspaper ten years before this book was published. They have since updated their research with maps, photos, engravings, and an updated list of postmasters. More than 400 postmasters are listed, along with the years served. This is a valuable resource for this county if you are searching for communities that no longer exist, an ancestor, or are interested in Scioto County’s postal history.
Price: $52.50
This publication indexes more than 25,000 baptisms that occurred in 32 churches in Cincinnati, Ohio, before 1860. Several German churches are listed among those indexed; however, no Catholic churches are included. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and include the date of baptism, the names of the parents, and the source of the record. This index was prepared from microfilm of baptismal records as found on LDS microfilm and at the main branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. In order to locate these records easily, microfilm numbers are provided.
Price: $48.00
This is the second in the index series to baptism records for Hamilton County, Ohio, and contains more than 23,500 entries. The source for these records come from the Hamilton County, Ohio, church birth and baptism registers which were kept by the individual ministers for their particular churches.
Price: $48.00
This is the third in this index series to baptism records and contains more than 23,300 baptisms that occurred in Hamilton County, Ohio, between 1870 and 1879. The mother’s maiden name is included if mentioned on the document.
Price: $48.00
This publication is the fourth in the index series to baptism records for Hamilton County, Ohio, and contains more than 26,000 entries. The source for these records came from the Hamilton County, Ohio, church birth and baptism registers which were kept by the individual ministers for their particular churches.
Price: $39.50
This publication is the fifth in the above-mentioned index series to baptism records for Hamilton County, Ohio, and contains more than 20,000 entries. Most of these records were found on nearly 50 rolls of microfilm, records at the church, or can be found at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
Price: $19.95
Indiana’s little-known Shaker community is brought to life in the letters from a collection of rare Shaker documents and diaries edited by Cheryl Bauer and assembled in this book as well as accounts by William Henry Harrison and other early 19th century visitors to the village that began in Knox County in 1808 and closed in 1826. Two hundred years after its founding, West Union retains two historic distinctions: it was the westernmost major Shaker village in the country and the Shaker community most directly affected by the War of 1812.
Price: $25.00
One of the least understood or studied campaigns of the war occurred when the Army of the Ohio moved into East Tennessee. Both armies starved. Arguably more than any other soldiers of the war, with the exception of P.O.W.s., the Second Army of the Ohio has also been ignored in the Atlanta Campaign . Of the four armies that fought, only one never had its story told. This book corrects that historic injustice. When Sherman marched to the sea against minimal opposition, the Army of the Ohio fought and nearly destroyed the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Franklin. They helped finish them off at Nashville. Moving east, they attacked up the Cape Fear River, closing the confederates last port—Wilmington. They joined up again with Sherman and were in on the surrender of Johnson in the Carolinas. They deserved more attention than they got.

Michael J. Klinger is also the author of The History of the 118th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, XXIIIrd Corps: Where the Grim Cannon Frown and the Bayonets Gleam.


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Price: $30.00
The records indexed for this book are from original and microfilmed records. The index includes 8,153 entries. T. P. White and Sons Funeral Home originally was located in New Richmond, Ohio, and later in Mt. Washington in Hamilton County, Ohio, and presently is in a location that serves the population of both Hamilton and Clermont counties.
Price: $16.95
The first part of this book contains the translated and edited chapters from Gustav Tafel’s writings on the Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War. Tafel (1830-1908) helped organize the Cincinnati’s 9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, known as the Turner Regiment, and later served as commander of the 106th OVI. After the Civil War he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and later served as mayor of Cincinnati.
Price: $75.00
This oversized atlas contains, among other things, general maps of the world, the United States, Ohio, and Clark County, as well as individual township maps for this county. It also includes plats of the city of Springfield and vicinity as well as those for the many towns and villages. There is an art folio of public buildings, businesses, and other views and portrait groups from the various townships and individuals.
Price: $14.95
In The Flowers Still Bloom Every Year, James Arthur Williams describes the hardship of his Scotch-Irish and Welsh foreparents who immigrated to America and settled in the Appalachian hill country of Kentucky. Mr. Williams continues to describe how his maternal grandparents who, through good fortune, became moderately wealthy with the discovery of oil and gas on their property, while his paternal grandparents scratched out a living in its valleys and hollows. Later, the Williamses crossed the Ohio River into southern Ohio, overcame death and disease and, through hard work, faith and determination, made a fruitful life for themselves. The author continues the saga with his own generation and how they carried forth the values of their ancestors.
Price: $12.95

E. F. Farrington (1820-1898) served as master carpenter for the building of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Ohio River, and published a little-known description of it in 1867. His report provides the fascinating details on the construction of the bridge, covering a wide variety of details, including the anchorages, towers, and cables. This new edition of his work contains a foreword by Paul A. Tenkotte, and an introduction to the life and work of Farrington by Don Heinrich Tolzmann. Supplements have also been added to place Farrington's work in historical context.

Price: $35.00
Beginning with the early development of the territory in Northern Kentucky, the story of Lincoln-Grant School in Covington, Kentucky, takes the reader on a journey from the pre-Civil War era through a seemingly timeless period of racial separation, to the end of legally segregated public schools in the United States of America. As it sorts through the rationales, the legalities, and the events surrounding one of many racially segregated schools in the United States, the dialogue unfolds the larger story of human relationships between two primary racial groups in America--black and white.

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A brief history of the 822nd Engineer Aviation Battalion and related SCARWAF (Special Category Army Reassigned With Air Force) units that served at K-2 Taegu during the Korean War.
Price: $6.00
The author describes the miraculous survival of the 26th Infantry, Alpha Company, the Blue Spaders, during the Tet offensive or surprise attack of the North Vietnamese Army as they went about their task of road clearing on Highway 13 (aka Thunder Road) between Lai Khe and Quan Loi in Vietnam. The author credits their survival to Psalm 91 KJV. Steve Simms is also the author of Common Valor: Ambush at Srok Rung, November 7, 1967.

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The Silence Remains details a unique technique for the practice of meditation and is inclusive of Eastern and Western religious thought. The book provides simple instruction and poses perennial questions which one most likely asks in quiet moments of reflection. Silence is roughly autobiographical -- a comfortably cathartic and therapeutic read of self-discovery, and is suitable for all adult ages.

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